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Respect and Honor Demonstrated at a karate tournament as the competition team earns 17 medals

Competition Team earns 17 medals.

Results: Jonah 1st fighting, Noah 2nd fighting, Carter 1st kata & 2nd Fighting, Megan 1st kata 1st fighting, Matthew 3rd fighting,Cameron 1st fighting 2nd kata, Jackson Louderback 3rd kata, Cole Great effort, Aadhi 3rd Fighting, Jackson Glass 3rd Kata 3rd fighting, Brandon 1st kata 1st Fighting, Dave 1st kata 1st fighting..17 medals 9 gold 3 silver 5 bronze.. well done

The highlight of the day was seeing Kyoshi Dwight Holley honored by Hanshi Dometrich

Katelynn Mastin is invited to compete in Japan!

Even though competition is not the focus of our schools, we wanted to let you about some exciting news.

Katelynn was asked to be a part of the AAU National Karate Team that was to represent the United States of America in Japan this year.

This was very unexpected as there are many great competitors in the AAU Organization across the United States. The letter congratulated her on her success over the past 3 AAU seasons.

As some of you may not realize, we were involved with tournaments from the years 1999-2005. In 2005, Katelynn competed in 4 tournaments and did not receive a medal in a single event until the Nationals of that year where she took Silver in Kumite (which happened to be the last event of the season)

We want to thank all of the students who have supported and helped us along the way.

We should look to this accomplishment as a statement to remind us that with hard work and goal setting that anything is possible!