Warm-Up, Basic And Foundation Drill Exercises as stated by the World Matsubayashi-Ryu (Shorin-Ryu) Karate-Do Association

Warm up the muscles farthest from the heart first (PDF)



Warm up the muscles farthest from the heart first, and lastly the muscles closest to the heart.

  1. Warm-up muscles.
  2. Warm-up tendons (stretch).
  3. Jumping.
  4. Running less than 1/5 mile usually around the dojo, first in one direction and then turning and running the other way.

Feet:Squats (Kusshin)

10 half-squats with heels off the ground.

10 to 20 full squats with heels off the ground.

Legs: Leg raises — 10 each. Begin with hands at 45 degrees, in front, at side.

Be sure that the hands are above the shoulders.

Neck: Head left to right.

Head up and down.

Two fingers on side of neck 10 times each side.

Open hand gentle chops or massage the neck always keeping the hand not being used on the hip

Head rolls switching directions each revolution.

Torso: 10 to 20 times bend forward and touch the ground with feet open and stretch back.

10 to 20 times left over right and then right over left keeping hand not in use in karate pocket.

Stretch Legs:

10 times back and forth with supporting foot under bottom and other foot stretched out with toes pointing up.

Sit down with legs spread open. Stretch left, right & center.

Close legs. Pull up on toes OR sit almost in seiza with knees open and go back.


Kihon undo means to concentrate on several single motions from kata. Defense and Attack, alternating with each technique.

  1. Cat stance advance (Nekoashi dachi).
  2. Cat stance with front kick (Nekoashi dachi mae geri).
  3. Cat stance with middle outward knife hand block (Nekoashi dachi chudan shuto uke).
  4. Natural stance with chest punch (Shizentai dachi chudan tsuki).
  5. Natural stance with upper block (Shizentai dachi jodan uke).
  6. Natural stance with reverse punch (Shizentai dachi gyaku zuki).
  7. Cat stance with lower knife-hand block (Nekoashi dachi gedan shuto uke).
  8. Natural stance with reverse punch and front kick (Shizentai dachi gyaku zuki & mae geri).
  9. Front-leg-bent stance with downward block (Zenkutsu dachi gedan uke).
  10. Squat stance with side punch (Jigotai dachi oi zuki).
  11. Natural stance with middle outward block (Shizentai dachi chudan soto uke).


There are no steps in foundation drill exercises. All foundation drills are simple exercises with which to challenge oneself. Good foundation drills are needed to formulate good basic exercises.

10 to 50 counts with 1 to 5 people counting.

  1. Slanted front bent-leg stance with shift middle cross block (Naname zenkutsu dachi kaiten uchi uke).
  2. Naihanchi stance with middle cross block (Naihanchi dachi kaiten uchi uke).
  3. Naihanchi stomp (Naihanchi fumi komi ashi).
  4. Squat stances with both hands middle block, in and out (Jigotai dachi ryote yoko uke).
  5. Squat stance with split blocks (Jigotai dachi ryote joge uke).
  6. Squat stance with short screw punch — face or chest (Jigotai dachi nejikomi).
  7. Three-way elbow backfist — front, side & lower (Jigotai dachi uraken).Kicks (Keri) — 10 to 50 counts each.
  8. Cat stance with front kick using front foot (Nekoashi dachi mae geri).
  9. Natural stance* with front kick using rear foot (Shizentai dachi mae geri).
  10. Natural stance* with front side kick (Shizentai dachi yoko geri).
  11. Natural stance* with turning back kick (Shizentai dachi ushiro geri).
  12. Natural stance* with roundhouse kick (Shizentai dachi mawashi geri).* The front bent-leg stance (Zenkutsu dachi) could also be used for these kicks.Punches (Seiken zuki) — 150 to 500 times each.
  13. Single punch.
  14. Double punch.
  15. Triple or several punches.

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