The Ethics of the Dojo by Shoshin Nagamine

  1. First, purify your mind.
  2. Cultivating the power of perseverance by strengthening your body and overcoming the difficulties that arise during training.
  3. The dojo is a place where courage is fostered and superior human nature is bred through the ecstasy of sweating in hard work. It is a sacred place where the human spirit is polished.
  4. Seniors and black belts are well aware of these facts. Therefore, beginners are requested to help make the dojo a sacred place by keeping in the mind the above precepts and observing the following:

Always keep the karate-gi (uniform) clean

Help clean the changing rooms, shower, reception room and rest room

Be well versed in the Precepts for Mastering Karate-Do

Be sure to place training equipment where it belongs after use

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