Programs & Classes Offered


We strive to develop certain qualities and attitudes in our students through the practice of Matsubayashi-Ryu

  • Confidence
  • Coordination
  • Increased Concentration
  • Overall Fitness (flexibility, strength and endurance)

Our goal is not to train champion fighters.  Our goal is to train champion individuals who can excel in any situation.  We strive to instill respect and courtesy in each and every person.

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Adult classes are strictly based on traditional Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do study and teachings in order to fully develop champion individuals.  Classes are for students 13 years of age and older.


Kids – Juniors Program

Kids classes are similar in content to adult classes, and develop speed, strength and agility.  Traditional Karate techniques, self defense, confidence, coordination, balance, focus, listening, self esteem, weight loss, Stranger danger and bully busting. Classes geared for students age 7 to 12.

Our youth programs inspire children to improve their mind, body and spirits. There are many qualities that are developed in our programs.  Below are samples of the 7 qualities that the parents of our youth program have expressed.

Courage – Learning to channel their inner energy to act in spite of fear. Courage is a skill that allows students to set goals and to overcome obstacles in life.

Respect – We teach the student to respect those that have come before us. We also teach them to respect family, friends, foes. We teach them to respect their surroundings and their environment. We also teach them to create a Self Respect.

Leadership – We teach all students to pass on what they have learned. They are taught to help and motivate the younger students. The are taught to become positive role models.

Discipline – Discipline goes past respect for authority. We focus on Self Discipline skill development that includes the ability to control ones emotions.

Confidence – By being taught to set and accomplish goals, the student will feel empowered with Self – confidence. We teach them to work hard and accomplish goals that they set out to do. That is why when a student quits, they lose confidence and self worth.

Focus – Karate is made up of both physical and mental challenges. Through repetitive actions and meditative practices the student learns to expand their attention span. This skill will follow the individual throughout their lifetime.

Physical Fitness – Karate creates strength, balance, flexibility, stamina and many other attributes of fitness. These qualities are helpful in a healthy and productive life.

There are many other qualities that we help our students discover.

Nagamine Sensei always said ” the true purpose of Matsubayashi Ryu is to develop ones character”.


Little Ninjas

The Little Ninja’s program has had more than 100 active children training throughout the schools. It is designed for children 4 to 6 years of age.  Little Ninjas classes teach basic karate skills in addition to developing fitness, coordination, discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, confidence, balance, focus, body control, listening, weight loss, self esteem stranger danger and bully busting.

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Kata Class / Weapons

This class is held on Tuesday nights. The classes focus is on kata, bunkai, applications and weapons kata. This class is open to all Junior and Adult students. The classes are separated by rank.


Black belt Classes (reformatted) are classes held 4 or more times per year. This class is 2 -3 hours long. It is open to students who are Ni Kyu (Brown II) and above may attend. We will also hold our Black Belt meeting afterwards.


Adult and junior students learn basic through advanced weapons techniques for demonstration, kata and self-defense.  Weapons training includes use of the bo (6-foot staff), kama (hand sickles), sai-justsu (pitchfork-like implements), nunchaku (rice flails) and other weapons.

Weapons training is held on Tuesday Nights.

Matsubayashi- Ryu Weapons were developed as more of a hobby or as secondary training. The weapons of Matsubayashi – Ryu can be traced back to 2 individuals: Shinei Kyan and Chogi Kishaba.

Tai Chi classes 

Tai Chi for Health
Tai Chi practice benefits:
“heart, bones, nerves, muscles,
immune system and mind. “
A recent study shows the slow moving
Tai Chi movements test more effective
than the top “cardio” programs without
the pain of stretched muscles. Harvard Medical College
Tai Chi for health is much more than
exercise. Our Meridian Qi Gong movements
help you learn better balance, coordination
and help you fight off pain.
Medication in motion.
This gentle form of exercise can help
maintain strength, flexibility, and balance,
and could be the perfect activity for the
rest of your life. Tai chi is often described
as meditation in motion; but it might well
be called medication in motion.
As people get older most expect certain body
functions to decline.. They don’t have to…
Mayo Clinic studies with older patients show
increased mental functions and much better
muscle coordination.
Tai Chi movement benefits
Every movement has a specific healthy effect
on the body. Each lower body movement
contributes to the body’s balance and energy.
Some movements help with heart issues while
other are good for hip and knee therapy.
We teach Tai Chi so it can be explored for
a lifetime with and without a teacher.
Participants may begin class at anytime.
You progress at your own rate -some practice or
learn faster than others.
JOIN millions around the world
who practice Tai Chi for health benefits.
Come visit and bring a friend.




Clinics/Camps/Afterschool Programs

In addition to our regular class schedule Sensei Scott Mastin conducts private lessons, clinics, self-defense classes, camps and afterschool programs. Sensei Scott Mastin and his daughter Katelynn have had hundreds of students in their many afterschool programs. Sensei Mastin also has had a program with the State of Ohio that was sponsored through the YMCA’s of Cincinnati. This was a very successful program that helped bring enrichment and build leadership skills in over 80 youth that were involved.



Upon visiting Okinawa, Sensei Mastin was inspired to bring the peace , tranquility and beauty of the Okinawan Culture and landscape back to America. In 2011, he relocated his family to a new property to begin to  formulate a plan to build their dream dojo. ” Our goal is to transform our new space into a beautiful training and relaxation center in hopes of sharing our vision” Even though the actual construction of the dojo is still a few years away, there are now multiple training areas both indoor and outdoor  set up to accommodate private lessons and semi private groups. Contact Sensei Mastin for details.

If you are interested in having Mastin’s School of Martial Arts provide self-defense or other specialized training to you or your organization, please contact Sensei Scott Mastin @(513) 265-2340  or email at

We are now offer online classes both private and semi private.
We are using the Zoom platform for classes.

Contact Sensei Mastin to schedule your session today.

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