Dojo Etiquette

DOJO Etiquette 2013

Since you are now a karate student and have acquired a new discipline, you should know that there are a few guidelines that will make it easier for you to study karate in a traditional manner.

  • Karate practitioners will behave as ladies and gentlemen at all times.
  • Once you are a member, remember to address the head instructor as SENSEI at all times.  Nothing else is ever allowed.
  • Higher belts should aid lower belts at all times, especially beginners on the path.  Lower belts should, and will, follow the instructions of all higher belts.
  • In karate, your word is your bond.  Your integrity is an important part of your training.  DON’T BREAK YOUR WORD!!
  • Keep in mind that you are one of many.  Be neat.  Have deep pride in your Dojo and show it by cleaning up after yourself.
  • Personal cleanliness is essential.  Nails must be clipped, deodorant must be worn, and hair must not interfere with your training.
  • No alcohol or drugs before class EVER, and no candy, gum, or smoking inside the Dojo.
  • No loud talking or profanity is permitted.  Remember the Dojo is a place of study.
  • Please remember to remove your shoes at all times when entering the training area.  This goes for parents, as well as students.
  • Always remember to bow when entering and leaving the training floor.
  • To prevent disruption, all students are to stay out of the office area–unless invited in. Always show the same respect to Mrs. Patricia as you do to Sensei
  • All tuition payments should be made in a timely manner.  If for some reason they cannot be paid, make the necessary arrangements with Patricia.
  • Please remember to be on time for every class.  Should you be late, be sure to observe proper etiquette by not walking into class, but by waiting at the back of the training floor until formally admitted to the class by the instructor.
  • Make sure all of your equipment, including your bag, is clearly marked with your name.  We are not responsible for any articles lost, stolen, or left in the Dojo after class.
  • During class, or while sparring, should your uniform become disheveled, etiquette requires that you to turn away from the Shoman and Sensei, or your partner and repair your uniform.
  • Uniforms are to be kept clean with regular washing and repair of any rips or tears when necessary.  Pants should be hemmed to a proper length for safety reasons.
  • Parents and siblings should be QUIET while classes are in session.  Our younger students are easily distracted and you are paying for them to learn!
  • Never ask to be tested or to learn a new kata–it is considered to be a sign of disrespect.
  • When sitting on the Dojo training floor, students are to sit in the proper position–legs crossed or kneeling, and in a respectful manner.  Never lean against the walls.
  • No one is permitted to leave the training floor without permission.  If you must leave early, check with your Sensei first.
  • Weapons are not toys; they are a part of your serious karate training and should be treated as such. You need to ask before you handle the weapons.
  • All jewelry, watches, etc., are to be removed (preferably left at home) before you start your class.
  • Sparring is not permitted without a Sr. Black Belt present to supervise.  Challenging a Black Belt to spar is disrespectful.  Don’t do it!
  • Don’t waste the time of the instructors, other students, or your own!!  If you are not at the Dojo to train seriously…GO HOME!!
  • Never train if you are ill.  We do not want to spread any germs.
  • Please be punctual in dropping off and picking up students.  Let us know A.S.A.P. of any emergency situations.
  • Parents, please check the bulletin boards and calendars for announcements regularly.  This is our principle way of communication.  The children do not always remember what has been announced in class.
  • Remember the importance of a regular training schedule of at least twice a week and also the importance of practicing at home.
  • Juniors and Ninjas when lining up for class, the highest-ranking student will be to the right, with the longest-in-rank of the same color to the right.  If both have the same time-in-rank, then the oldest goes on the right. Adults, the highest rank in the back
  • Remember that we are all one big family. Support each other, Sensei and the dojo.

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