Attitudes to be Kept for Karate Training By Shoshin Nagamine

  1. Karate begins with courtesy and ends with it. Therefore, we must be courteous to seniors, juniors, friends and even foes. We must first purify our minds and always be mentally and physically sound.
  2. We must sweep from our minds all egocentric and preoccupying thoughts during practice, concentrating on all the movements with maxim vigor. When this is done, karate ultimately produces in the individual a vital concentration of energy that expands to heroic proportions in times of crisis.
  3. Karate requires harmony between breath and action. Therefore, we must learn to adjust our breathing until we reach the point where each breath coincides with each of the movements during practice.
  4. Karate requires a perfect finish at the end of each kata performance. Therefore, we must complete each kata practice with full mind and maximum power.
  5. Karate practice must be finished by observing the essential idea that karate begins and ends with courtesy. Therefore, we must end practice by bowing with decorum.

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