Recommendations for Study by Shoshin Nagamine

The following are important recommendations and mottos under which Karate-do should be learned and Practiced.

  1. Develop karate-do on the basis of its history and traditions.
  2. Study and practice kata strictly and correctly (in order to focus all possible strength into each movement of the kata. Constant repetition is required. The body must be thoroughly trained, and this takes many years. Even after many years, kata practice is never finished, for there is always something new to be learned about executing a movement.)
  3. Study and practice kumite (formalized and free-fighting) not primarily for tournament purposes, but to acquire ma-ai. To develop the martial art sense of reading the opponent’s movements and to develop kiai and stamina which cannot be fully attained through the practice of kata alone.
  4. Fully utilize such methods as rope skipping, exercise with bar bells, dumbbells, chishi (an ancient form of dumbbell), sashi (iron hand grip) to develop the muscles and physical power.
  5. Study the use of Makiwara from every possible angle in order to develop atemi (concentrated destructive power). This force is manifested in such demonstrations as breaking boards, tiles or bricks with the hands or feet.
  6. Include zazen (Zen training in a sitting position) in karate practice for further mind training and understanding of the essence of Karate-do and Zen as one.

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