Reflections about the Seminar by Chris

4 takeaways from the St Louis seminar this weekend:
A deep appreciation for Sensei Mastin: The amount of respect and regard that was given to Sensei from allĀ of the attendees was inspiring to see. Sensei was the third highest ranking instructor attending the seminar that had Matsubayashi practitioners from all over the US and from around the world. Anytime he demonstrated techniques for the seminar I overheard comments of awe and admiration from the onlookers. We are truly fortunate to have him as a teacher.
Sensei Katie rocks!!!: The apple didn’t fall far from the tree; Miss Katie was called on to demonstrate in front of all the participants and she did not disappoint. She showed knowledge, precision, and speed and, just like with her father, I heard many positive comments from the crowd.
Mastin Dojo students have a great grounding in karate: Many times over the weekend I saw my fellow students helping those around them understand and apply what was being taught. Mastin students have such a firm grasp of karate technique and kata that they fellow participants often sought out their help to show how to demonstrate techniques. It was great to see Mastin students helping others with kata and bunkai and the spirit of humility in which they worked with others.
I need to up my training: I met Matsubayashi students from all over the US, from Texas to Maine. In addition, there were students from Ireland, Great Britain, and from as far away as Australia. All of them would jump at the chance to be able to train with Sensei Mastin on a regular basis or have him come over to their Dojos to teach. The bruises on my arms attest to the fact that these karate students take their training seriously. Given all the advantages I have being able to have Sensei Mastin as a teacher, I need to not only appreciate the high level of instruction I continually receive, but I need to train harder.